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136                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

I have just come from the petit Luxembourg,
and from seeing Reubel receive petitions in his
costume de directeur. Lynch was with me.1 No
one asked us any questions as we handed in
Mesdames d'Aremberg and Brancas, who wanted
to see Barras. We went upstairs through a great
crowd, and through halls full of dragoons and
grenadiers. The audience-room is a large salon,
where Monsieur formerly received his company.
A bar across the middle divides the simply curious
from those who have petitions to present, who
are admitted within the bars by two sentinels.
Those who were merely spectators, like myself,
remained without the rails.

The room was filled with tagrag and bobtail;
a crowd of women presenting memorials, lame
soldiers, &c., whilst aides-de-camp, secretaries and
well-dressed fellows stood about the fireplace.

The Directeur had a blackguard clerk, in a
shabby great-coat (forming a contrast with his
gewgaws), sitting near him at a table. Reubel
attended by rotation for an hour. He was very
elegantly clad, his hair well dressed, his waist-
coat and pantaloons of white satin, with a blue

i The same who was mayor of Bordeaux in 1814, and
was amongst the first functionaries that recognised the